Maison Octopussy - Autumn Winter 2020/2021 collection

Maison Octopussy - Autumn Winter 2020/2021 collection

Anglo-american and French Ivy style: this is the style chosen by Maison Octopussy which will launch the firtst casual belt collection.

The autumn-winter 2020/2021 will be rich with new things, starting with this choice through which the new collection will give wider space to people that want a more casual style without giving up quality. Maison Octopussy only works with top of the class materials and assures an accurate job it's done, from the project stage up until the production of the belt.

At the same time Maison Octopussy, for the autumn-winter 2020/2021 collection, will develop what is presently it's core business: the italian belt that has always accompanied the elegant man, a product that is the brand's icon and a symbol of fashion luxury. Among the things that make this brand unique there is the fibble: every single piece, in fact, is designed and produced so that it's one of a kind.

Equally important for the next season is the research of new materials that will be introduced in the new collection, where the details will make the difference.

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